Migrating a large university site to Plone 5.2

This talk covers our experiences and our approach with the migration of a large university site (University of Gent). The project is still ongoing so this description is preliminary.

The current site is based on Plone 4 and Archetypes. As part of the migration teams I developed a migration strategy for migrating the content from Plone 4 to Plone 5.2. The approach consists of three phases:

  1. Export of the original site to JSON using collective.jsonify (an extended version)
  2. Import of all JSON data into a document database (ArangoDB) in order to query and retrieve related content to be migrated using queries. The intermediate database allows us to perform partial imports e.g. only subfolders or import only certain content-types
  3. A custom migration script will query the document database for content to be migrated and performs the import into the target site over plone.restapi

Results and conclusions: to be determined.

This talk is a followup on our previous migration strategy where we exported content directly through a ZEO client on the source side and piped directly into the target site over plone.restapi.
The decoupling of the export and import gives us greater flexibility in particular when working on more complex migrations.
The UGent migration process support currently the standard Plone content-types (Archetypes to Dexterity), various specific content-types of UGent, a migration of old-styles Archetypes topics to Collections and a full migration from PloneFormGen to collective.easyform.

24 14:00 - 14:50



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