We selected a list of talks and keynotes that make Plone Conference a real digital experience.
There will not only be Plone-related talks, but also talks from different web-related topics like Volto, Guillotina, Pyramid, Javascript, databases and agile.


The community's annual celebration of what we've accomplished in the past year and a look ahead to see what exciting things are coming.
"Quattrocento" and "Cinquecento" were the peaks of Italian arts and culture, and the hallmark of the period know as "the Renaissance". In that time there was software, even if computer hardware had not been invented yet. Programmers simply had other names and used a different set of skills. They struggled with difficult questions, and won. Their teaching could be useful today and that is the reason of the talk: it will be about (ancient) algebraic equations, (modern) software engineering and hysterical raisins.
Deep learning is the most exciting recent idea in software–but it's also intimidating. If you have no previous machine learning and deep learning experience, this talk is your entry ticket to the field. We'll start from scratch, with a look at supervised learning. Then we'll see Python code that trains a deep neural network. Finally, we'll explore a wonderful new concept that's changing the field of computer graphics: Generation Adversarial Networks. Watch a program invent imaginary animals!


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