Plone Beyond 2020: Jump into Volto today!

Plone faces 2020 with invigorated health now that 5.2 is Python 3 compatible.

It’s time to ask some questions and find the right answers. “Now what?”, “Are CMSs still a thing?”, “What are clients (new and existing) looking for in projects nowadays?”, “Are Volto and Pastanaga Editor ready yet?”, "How much does it cost to add React to my developer skillset?".

The talk will try to give an answer to all these questions, by sharing my personal experience and reflections, on learning React, developing and selling Volto projects in the last 3 years. The latest Volto state of the art (upcoming 4.0.0 release) will be shown along with the current extensibility story updates.

24 14:50 - 15:40



Target Audience

Developer, Integrator, User, Designer

Target Level



Apollo 1

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